예스콜닷컴은 앞서가는 기술력과 노하우 그리고 창의적인 디자인으로
 현재 업계선두를 달리고 있습니다.



We use open source
technology for maximum
agility and flexibility.

Client Server

Strong proficiency in leading
client server application,
We ensure cost effective
security in transactions

Android & iOS

Advanced programming for
mobile apps across
diverse platforms, brings you
quality work and great outcomes

About Ikorn Solutions

Since entering the IT outsourcing market in 2007, Ikorn Solutions has become a trusted partner of many Korean firms.
We specialize in software development, web eCommerce, and web & mobile applications,  supporting many
global organizations to deliver the right technology solutions for their business needs.
Ikorn’s competitive advantages are a force to be proud of – as a young, active team of engineers and professionals
 from top universities,  our staff have strong and effective experience in the software outsourcing business.
Following 10 years of operation and great persistence in development, Ikorn Solutions has affirmed, step by step,
 its strong position in the software outsourcing market.

Project Portfolio


Dubu web

Dubu log

Dubu mail

VMS program

Dubu editor

Dubu messenger

Dubu disk

Core Competencies

Business Apps / Business System

Web eCommerce

Mobile Applications

Desktop Applications

Web Applications

Cloudware Applications